Education & Training

J.W. Cole Financial is very proud of JWCollege™, a program providing Advisors 24-7 access to crucial coaching, education and best practices.

A unique aspect of the program is the collaboration between the J.W. Cole home office and the industry’s most respected and highly sought after products and vendors. The JWCollege™ program has organized information from our industry thought leaders in a way that is easy for Advisors to access and use.

Main areas of interest include:

Practice Management – Our mission statement at J.W. Cole recognizes that our success comes with the success of our Advisors and that we want to help build their business. Our Practice Management content is designed to help Advisors evaluate their current business, imagine their perfect business of the future, and make the smart business decisions that will help them reach their goals.

Compliance – The Compliance content is designed to provide education on regulatory matters that impact your business. Special effort is made towards content that provides “best practices” and implementation guidelines on how to avoid potential problems. Some of the Compliance Series presentations will also provide CE Credits to take the place of on-line Firm Element Continuing Education class requirements.

Product Offerings –  It can become difficult to stay in tune with the changing environment of investment products. Our Product content will help Advisors understand different product types as well as the details of individual product offerings.

Marketing –  Why re-create the wheel when you can tap into the industry's best workable marketing ideas? JWCollege™ gives you access to ideas, tried and tested by your peers, so you don't have to guess what is working in the field.

Technology –  It can be a full time job to research and learn about our industry's state-of-the art technology offerings. The Technology content is overseen by our own Director of Technology, whose entire job is to assist Advisors making the right technology choices for their individual practices.

Branch Office Operation Series – How is business processed at J.W. Cole? What is the correct way to have my office prepared for a regulator or J.W. Cole examination? How do I efficiently navigate through Streetscape? The Operations Team at J.W. Cole selects topics of importance and leads these presentations to help the efficiency of your office.

We firmly believe that education plays a pivotal role vital to Advisors success, and JWCollege™ serves as a powerful vehicle to help take your practice to the next level.


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