Clearing Firm

National Financial Services, LLC (NFS) - A Fidelity® Investments company, serves as J.W. Cole Financial’s clearing firm for its brokerage business. NFS is one of the nation's leading clearing firms.

Through leading technology, both clients and Advisors can obtain free online access (Streetscape) to brokerage accounts. This will allow the viewing of positions, market quotes, industry news, plus much more.

With Streetscape, Advisors also have the ability to see the workflow process that is involved in managing their business. Whether it is a transfer of assets, a retirement distribution or completing an equity trade, Streetscape allows you to be more efficient.

Your customer's comprehensive brokerage statements include snapshots, summaries, and detailed histories. These statements are available online, together with timely trade confirmations and consolidated tax statements.

Account Protection - Securities in accounts carried by National Financial Services LLC (NFS), are protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation ("SIPC") up to $500,000 (including cash claims limited to $100,000). For details, please see NFS has arranged for additional insurance protection for cash and securities to supplement its SIPC coverage. This additional protection covers total account net equity in excess of the $500,000/$100,000 coverage provided by SIPC. Neither coverage protects against a decline in the market value of securities.


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