Professional Alliance Referral Program

Developing relationships with other professionals has an enormous positive impact on your customer’s financial planning coordination and will give you a huge advantage over your competition.  Through our RIA, you will have the ability to create a financial planning team in which all parties can be compensated on the wealth management services provided to your customers.  This positions you as the point-person for all of your customer’s financial needs and keeps you informed of changes that may impact their financial plan.

Attorneys, accountants and many other professionals that serve as a financial influence are looking to refer wealth management solutions to their customers.  However, most of these professionals are not licensed to provide these services.  Through the Professional Alliance Referral Program, you can serve as the investment advisor for these clients and provide disclosed compensation to these professionals for their referral.

Whether it is building a team of financial professionals to provide a greater depth of service to your customers or an opportunity to expand your customer base by working with another professional’s customers, the Professional Alliance Referral Program is a unique and exciting opportunity for all of our Investment Advisor Representatives.

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