The Optimal Office

optimal office


There are many areas Advisors are asked to learn about technology: data integration, compliance compatibility, system hardware requirements, user learning curve, price points and contract requirements, client interface, reporting, portability, etc.


This plan shows an ideal office of the future, centered around a great client relationship tool, with trading, client reporting, planning and marketing all integrated. We have also included research and analysis tools, application pre-population capability, meeting note automation and a paperless office structure. Of course, this is not "Optimal" for everyone, but we are prepared to help customize a solution for your practice.

To help our Advisors make better decisions, J.W. Cole has invested in a Department of Applied Technology. Because each Advisor has their own unique business model, product preferences and client interaction plans, our Applied Technology Department is prepared to customize a solution for every Advisor which we call The Optimal Office™.

The steps involved in customizing The Optimal Office™ include:

  1. Identifying areas where technology can help the typical Advisor's Practice. (CRM, Reporting, Creating Financial Plans, Office Work Flow, Document Control, etc.)
  2. Research the different companies offering products in each identified area.
  3. Fact Finding on each Advisor's individual business to identify areas where technology can help.
  4. Create a written Technology Plan specific to the business goals of each Advisor, complete with recommended product solutions, pricing options, and an implementation and training schedule.



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