Why partner with J.W. Cole?

Financial Advisors often seek to become Independent to escape a working environment rife with sales quotas, proprietary products, and being treated as a number when they call for back-office support. Unfortunately, "Independent" has become an industry buzz-word that has different definitions at different firms. Ours is a simple definition with a simple goal:  

J.W. Cole "Independence" means helping you build your business... your way.


We want our Advisors to feel relevant to the success of our business, just like we want to feel relevant to the success of our Advisors. 

"I am: Valued - When I signed on with J.W. Cole, I was more than just another advisor to them. I was treated as a business partner, part of the family. Since day one, they have been focused on one thing and one thing only… helping me to build a great business for my clients & for my family."          - Michael Vanhorenbeck, Independent Advisor

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