Our 3 Guiding Principles

Provide True Independence

J.W. Cole was founded by, owned by, and managed by former Advisors and business professionals who are fiercely independent. We feel the word "Independent" has been hijacked by firms to use as a marketing slogan and not a philosophy. Our main goal was to create the type of Broker/Dealer that we would have wanted to join, that supports the visions and dreams of the Advisor, and is a Broker/Dealer that succeeds WITH our Advisors rather than 'at the expense' of the Advisors. 

Be More Than A Broker/Dealer

J.W. Cole creates a unique working environment, where you are more than just a licensed representative. You are our partner, our family, and our friend. We place a premium on frequent and honest communications as the basis for maintaining long-lasting relationships, which we value greatly. Our infrastructure and organizational systems are large enough to fulfill and process all your daily business needs, yet we remain committed to making you feel relevant as our partner.

Retention Over Recruitment

It is a common practice for brokers/dealers to spend more time, effort, and resources recruiting than they do servicing their current Advisors. At J. W. Cole, we consider this practice counterproductive. While continued growth is essential to any organization, we believe that fulfilling the expectations of our current Advisors is the path to our success. This belief has been successful for us, as referrals from our current partners have been our #1 source of new J.W. Cole Advisors.

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