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“J. W. Cole’s existence is solely dependent on its partner advisors. When they succeed, we succeed.
Our mission is to help our partners build great businesses.”


You tirelessly help everyone around you plan for their future, but what about you and your future? The hours in a day are limited, and often don’t afford you the time needed to target the strategies to secure your goals and aspirations.  At J.W. Cole Financial we embrace independence, but we feel strongly that independent does not mean alone. Many broker-dealers force their partnering Advisors to subscribe to the initiatives and business model of the broker-dealer or simply offer their partnering Advisors with unorganized business planning materials as a way of “supporting” the independent thinker. Your partners at J.W. Cole are committed to facilitating the further development of your business in any way possible. Your Advisor Solutions Team is devoted not only to empowering you with the tools, solutions, and resources that will channel your business in the direction of your goals, but each member is dedicated to helping you coordinate these solutions through a variety of customizable business planning approaches.


Your Advisor Solutions team is dedicated to empowering you with the tools, solutions, and resources you need in order to: 

GROW your business… 

Most financial planning firms are looking to grow their practice to one varying degree or another. Maybe you are simply looking to re-brand or expand on your existing marketing initiatives, or possibly you seek new and innovative ways other successful Advisors are acquiring new clients or revenues. No matter what your goal, we have solutions and partners to help you successfully continue to build upon your great business.

ORGANIZE your business… 

As business owners, Advisors are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the operational efficiencies of their practice. Whether this is through the employment of relevant technology supports, the leveraging human capital, or through the creation of the ideal service model(s), we understand that having an organized business translates directly to your client’s experience. This is why your Advisor Solutions Team is enthusiastic about coordinating methods of process improvement for you and your business. 

PROTECT your business… 

What keeps you up at night? As a business owner, we know that you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and that most people choose not to be business owners for that precise reason. At JW Cole Financial, we want to make sure that we consistently provide you clear and concise content on approaches to help you manage and/or mitigate risk to your business. Whether you seek insight on the regulatory environment or industry best practice client retention strategies, we are standing by to provide you with the necessary education and resources to help you reduce your risk as a business owner in the financial services industry. 

MASTER the industry… 

“Overwhelming” is the best adjective to describe the amount of material that an Advisor needs to be aware of in order to effectively perform his or her job for clients. Between the swift and continual changes to the markets, products, tax codes, industry trends, etc., and the constant evolution of client demands and expectations, it is imperative that you have the right resources in place to help you remain plugged into information on all-things-financial. Your Advisor Solutions Team partners with some of the best commentary providers in the industry in order to deliver you the broad spectrum of quality information needed to perform your job at the highest level. 

Your Advisor Solutions Team 

Your Advisor Solutions team -- committed to helping you grow, organize, and protect your business and master the industry -- is comprised of individuals who are passionate about helping others succeed and genuinely wish to make the lives of those around them better. We are a team built on the foundation of independence and partnership, and each member brings the unique perspective and experience needed to provide you comprehensive and meaningful solutions. 

Craig Towle – Executive Vice President, Advisor Solutions 

craigAfter nearly three decades of Sales and Executive leadership positions, I have become a student of the personalities and motivations driving the commoditization of our industry. At J.W. Cole, we seize the opportunity to break from this trend to ensure that our Advisors always feel relevant to our organization. We succeed with our Advisors, not because of them. To mutually succeed, our Advisor Solutions team strives to understand our  partner Advisor's vision for their success. We exist to be an unwavering motivator helping to make those visions a reality.

Justin Cole, MBA, CFP© – Vice President, Advisor Solutions

justinPrior to joining J.W. Cole, I built a financial planning practice alongside a close-knit group of Advisors with varying areas of specialties. What excites me most about working at J.W. Cole is being able to be part of a broker/dealer that embraces relationships at the core of its culture. The most rewarding aspect of being a part of the Advisor Solutions team is the ability to have a positive impact on lives of our partnering Advisors.

Jason W. Card – Vice President, Advisor Solutions

jasonPrior to joining J.W. Cole, I started in operations and moved into sales at a major mutual fund company, then transitioned into a sales & marketing management role at an independent broker/dealer. What excites me most about J.W. Cole is the singular focus on helping our partner Advisors build better businesses. The most rewarding part about being on the Advisor Solutions team is the proactive, solutions-oriented nature of our department.

Brittany Reagan – Director of Technology Solutions 

brittanyPrior to joining J.W. Cole, I assisted three financial advisors achieve their goal of over one million dollars in production. When I first joined J.W. Cole, I was part of the Transitions Team, where I channeled my prior experience as an assistant to help advisors successfully transition to J.W. Cole. What excites me most about J.W. Cole is our unwavering desire to succeed with our advisors, not because of them. The most rewarding part of being on the Advisors Solutions Team is being able to educate advisors on cutting-edge technology that will help them create their optimal office.  

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