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Relationship Managers

At J.W. Cole, we recognize that we are as much in the relationship business as we are in the financial services business.  We feel strongly about the importance of solid relationships between our Advisors and the Home Office staff.  With this in mind, we established dedicated Relationship Management Teams to communicate with Advisors regarding business submitted, changes to firm policies and procedures, and happenings at J.W. Cole.


“The regionalized Relationship Management structure allows us to better understand our Advisors’ businesses and their needs.  It serves to strengthen the personalized, friendly, and accountable service everyone knows and appreciates about J.W. Cole.”

- Melissa Mita, Vice President - Operations


Based on geographic location, Advisors are partnered with a Relationship Management Team consisting of a Relationship Manager Principal and Sales Support Specialist. Advisors are always welcome to contact any individual or department directly; however, the Relationship Management Teams are the “Go-To” people for Advisors and their Assistants when they aren’t sure exactly where turn for an answer or need to escalate a matter that may require special attention.

Relationship Manager Principal – The primary responsibilities of the Relationship Manager are to understand and know an Advisor’s staff and business model, provide review and approval of an Advisor’s business transactions as required by FINRA, help an Advisor resolve escalated issues, act as liaison between the Advisor and the Home Office, and recognize opportunities to implement best practices within an Advisor’s day to day business. 

Sales Support Specialist – The primary responsibilities of the Sales Support Specialist are to work with Advisors and their Assistants and provide education on paperwork completion, answer general questions, and also identify best practice opportunities.


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